Workshops schedule

Workshops will be started on 14.30.
The 16 th of July: Lahtnor and Edna.
The 17 th of July: Kirigami and Gestalta.
Duration of every workshop is 3 hours.
The price is 50 euros for every workshop (for couple of people)
Language of all workshops: English.
Pre-registration for those who want to visist workshop(s) as student is required and should be done through the e-mail

1. Kirigami`s workshop. Pain and shame with the double column tie.
The 17 th of July, 14.30.
This workshop aims to teach basicconcepts of semenawa and suuchinawa (suffering and shame in ropes). Te double column tie will be taught first, to allow also complete beginners to join it. Some very basic positions will be explained in detail to allow beginners to enjoy the lesson, meanwhile futher ideas to practice will be supplied to the more experienced audience.
Requirments: none. All couples of consenting adults can attend the workshop.
1. A brief history of kinbaku, how suffering and pain became related to rope in ancient Japan
2. Basic anatomy and safety.
3. Learn the double column tie
4. How to make yur partner exposed and beautifully suffering with simple ties:
– understand the aesthetic power of torsion
– elbows above the head
– hands by the side of the waist
– hands behind the back

– feet and knees tied together
– exposing genitals when the legs are tied together
– pegs, clothes, twines, furniture and other props.

2. Lahtnor`s workshop. Marionette suspension.
The 16 th of July, 14.30.

This suspension is very dynamic and playful and creates a tremendous variety for both rigger and model. It explores body awareness for those who are bound. It can be a great challenge to move freely using your stability and strength, you can vary your position from standing to inverted without changing any lines. It also maintains security since you can always return to standing if it becomes stressful. Riggers can use the tie to move the model in any form or shape you see fit and help in the flowing movements your model and you want to experience. This creates a unique interaction between the rigger and the one who is bound since you both can initiate something for the tie.

3. Edna`s workshop. First steps into suspension.
The 16 th of July, 14.30.
This workshop is for those riggers, who are confident tying on the floor and who can tie a solid takate kote, and who wish to take the first steps up in the air. During the first part of workshop Edna will discuss safety, will talk about the need of honest communication between rope partners, will talk about ropes and hard points and also about the risks suspension bondage brings, about responsibillity of both rigger and model.
In the second part of the workshop she will teach different styles of attaching the suspension lines- the main line and the second lines. Edna will teach the yoko tsuri- side suspension, she will show some tricks to do it comfortably, both for the rigger and for the model, and she will also teach the tricks that helps to spice it up a little. Depending on the level of students she will teach more suspension topics.

4. Gestalta`s workshop. Dynamic leg harnesses
The 17 th of July, 14.30.
In this workshop, Gestalta will demonstrate how to make a variety of supportive, yet very simple and fast, suspendable leg harnesses that allow you to be more creative and flexible in your suspensions. She will show you how to use these leg ties both as a main point of support, and as part of a beautiful and versatile transition sequence. Level – intermediate. Participants should be confident with tying a TK and with attaching and handling suspension lines.